What is with children with pots & pans

We all know how annoying the banging sounds of utensils are and unfortunately  for us children LOVE to do so all the time. Once we here this thundering, drumming sound , we react negatively in different ways.

In fact, these sounds may not sound like music, but actually in the child’s brain it’s an orchestra. These sounds cause an explosion of nerve connections that are very important in a child’s brain development, why?

  1. Simple activity, trying to replicate the sounds that were heard before.
  2. Improving motor skills
  3. Improving connections between the left side and the right side of the brain, thus, improving the rate of information translocation across the brain

Encourage them to play and embraces their inner orchestra. Although it might cause damage to your utensils but on the other hand the advantage to a child brain development is extraordinary.