Al Ahram Cookware

Alahram ltd. , incorporated in 1963, is an Egyptian manufacturer of a variety of cookware including stainless steel , anodized aluminum and nonstick . we provide 100,000 SKU a year to our retail shops, more than 10 all over Egypt, and more than 20 distributors. our expertise and vast experience in this domain help us provide the best quality and service for our clients.

Quality control department strictly maintains each product quality and provides updated guideline to improve manufacturing process. Alot of effort from the same department to update “the use and care” section in all our products, this helps our clients to let go of false habits and prolong their products’ life-span.


Our mission is to manufacture a variety of cookware that adds this sophisticated, beautiful yet practical style accompanied by unforgettable memories. This was the aim from the very start, for you to be proud having a piece bearing the brand “Al-Ahram.”


We are already half way in accomplishing our target which is reaching out to house hold retails all over Egypt and the world. This was mainly achieved by meeting with the international cookware standards

Our History

Al Ahram Legacy

It all began as a small factory with no more than 3 workers. Yes it was a simple start, but we were one of the primary factories manufacturing aluminum cookware at the time. With the team spirit and all the help god can give, we only moved forward from that…


Delta Distribution

we began distributing our products in many districts, especially in “Delta”


Al Ahram ™

We registered our trade mark and began selling our products in many large trade centers.


Expanding In Retail Shops

we continued expanding our chain to reach some very large retail stores at the time. The public sector retail shops, as; Omar Effendi, Hanno, Benzoin, Sidnawy, Shickorill.


Introducing Non Stick Technology

Introducing our first nonstick production line with the support of some world leading companies.


Employee Training & Improvements

We selected the best of employees to offer them an opportunity to travel to several European countries, which they all accepted and were very eager to learn more. The aim was to train them, to add to their knowledge and to see what technology had to offer at the time.


Introducing Stainless Steel

We introduced our first stainless steel production line



The beginning of our export efforts.


Exporting To Gulf Area

We first exported to Saudi Arabia, which had the bigger piece of the cake, along with other Middle Eastern countries


Exporting To Europe

A contract was made with Holland to export large quantities of stainless steel products that were distributed in the largest retail shops they had at the time.


Opening First Retail Shop

Our first retail shop was opened. This step was important for us, as direct contact with the consumer is vital. We needed to know more so we can give more. That was in Mansheya, Alexandria, Egypt. By the way, this was the location of our first factory.


Introducing Teflon

We did some core changes in our nonstick cookware products and were named TEFLON.


Introducing Bakelite Handles

We started manufacturing Bakelite handle as a first step towards industrial integration.


Sidigaber Branch Opening

the opening of our second and biggest retail shop in Sidi-Gaber


Factory Branch Opening

opening of our third retail shop. It is the closest you can get to the factory, actually it’s a part of the factory it self that is Om-Zgheiow.


Limited Company

we became a limited company


Introducing The EAN

First egyption company to introduce the EAN (europeian article number) and this step aimed to improve operating efficiency,asset and inventory control and offcourse this made it a lot easier to export. A third step towards industrial integration is the introduction of a production line for the manufacturing of aluminum and…


Introducing New Shapes & Colors

New shapes and colours we introduced to the market in our nonstick cookware line, as well as introducing a new stainless steel production line. The new line was called high class and that for its unique shape (bombee).


Manufacturing Stainless Steel Handles

Another step taken towards industrial integration , by manufacturing stainless steel handles as well as some changes in the factory’s retail shop.


New Packaging Designs

New packagings were made for the products


Factory Developments

Some developments were made to the factory, along with the introduction of new production lines.


Offering Cookware sets

we were ahead of all cookware  industries to introduce the offer sets of cookware.


Independent Funding

We internally funded our expansions and production process, never relaying on any  outside fundings.


Company Restructuring

A core change in the company structure along with extensive employee training to step up our game.


Al Ibraheyma Branch Opening

Opening of a new retail shop , Al-Ibrahimeya (73 omar lotfy street)


Obtaining The ISO Certificate

The demand highly increased and in action to this we needed to distribute our products more widely across many districts in Egypt especially Delta. Among the best things that happened that year, we met the standards and were an iso certified company.


Favola Importing

Favola , a new brand of retail shop we had intrdouced to the market. We imported some of the finest pieces and this was our star outlet.


Bakous Branch Opening

Bakous Retail outlet opening


Louran Premium Store Opening

Premium store Al-Ahram , louran was opened that year. Where customers are free to try the products in our store kitchen, that is how much we are sure of our quality and standards.


Training By Japanese Consultants

New training strategy for employees with the help of japanese consultants.


Shobra Mall Opening

Opening of the biggest mall for cookware and household supplies in Egypt “shobra mall”


Introducing Eterna & Wiflon

New training strategy for employees with the help of japanese consultants.


Introducing Practico Cooking Pot

By the help of external European designers and off course external experts, we produced the Ultimate Stainless Cooking pot “PRACTICO”


Introducing Granito Collection

We solved every problem there is and with lots of upgrading and experimentation, we introduced “Granito” collection.


Uplifting to Granito Design

New colors of granite were introduced as “GRANITO Design”


Producing 4mm thickness Cooking pot

Our latest production line was introduced to be the first company in the world to manufacture a cooking pot with 4 mm thickness.


Damanhour Branch Opening

The opening of our latest retail shop in Damanhur.