Al Ahram Cookware
What is Granite?
One of the latest non-stick cookware, free from PTFE and any harmful substances, made of nature from stones, was used by our ancient ancestors in the past, where cooking on stones and pottery

It is made of several layers, which helps to withstand the highest temperatures, and resistance to scratches and corrosion and this makes it more powerful than other types, and it helps to produce a natural flavor of food and helps to distribute the temperature in an ideal way helps to settle food and quickly, very easy to clean

Available in attractive modern colors and has not shown any drawbacks so far making it a good choice in cooking. However, its price is relatively high compared to other types, because of its advantages that distinguish it from other relatively non-stick pots

Al Ahram Cookware
Main Features
Granito is a natural multilayer stone that gives a natural flavor of food and ensures exceptional resistance to scratches and abrasion because it is encased in quartz and quartz from the most powerful rock, ensuring the strength and strength of the pots. It consists of 9 layers of thickness of 3.5mm for heat resistance and frequent use. Soon

Several new colors were made for the inner granite rocks. The strength and hardness of the internal non-adhesive paint was increased. Granito Design A natural stone granite coating with different multilayered colors helps maintain natural food flavor and has great resistance to scratches and corrosion. It consists of 9 layers of thickness of 3.5mm for heat resistance and frequent use.

All non-adhesive pyramids are equipped with Hummer technology for exterior coating to keep it from outside and live as long as possible

Al Ahram Cookware
Granite Layers

  1. Non-Stick Finish
  2. First Layer Granitestone
  3. Second Layer Granitestone
  4. Intermediate Internal coat
  5. Mid Coat
  6. Primer Coat
  7. Standblasted Aluminum
  8. First Layer External Coating
  9. Second Layer External Hummer Coating Finish

Al Ahram Cookware

How To Use


Before use all stickers and packaging should be removed then wash the product with warm soapy water and rinse well and dry the surface


Avoid leaving the product empty on fire because the product reaches high temperature in a short period of time, which may harm the non-adhesive area and the base as well


Use wooden, plastic or silicone tools to stir the food, maintain the product and avoid scratching quickly and eroding the inner layer and maintain it for as long as possible


Always wash the product in a cool case with soap and water and use sponge to maintain the inner layer of corrosion while avoiding the use of strong detergents


Always cook the food at a moderate temperature Keep the pots to live with you for a long time and with Teflon you do not need to light the fire The middle flame is sufficient to settle your food quickly


When cooking again be sure to clean the product well of any fat because the accumulation of fat leads to the weakness of the non-adhesive layer and burn the product and the difficulty of cleaning

The thickness of the material starts from 1.25 mm to 3.5 mm, and this is according to the product (Rectangular Pan, Round Roaster , Cooking Pot … etc.)